I hate this virus. It has everyone cooped up inside and scared. Yes I am scared too, very scared. I have cancer and Multiple Sclerosis. Yes, I am winning at the game of life! The hardest part of this is the unknown. Waiting two weeks to know if you have it, two weeks of isolation. Not being able to see people you love. Doing holidays outside on the driveway with masks. This is no way to live. I just hope we start vaccinations soon. I know many people in the medical field who have gotten theirs and I am VERY thankful for that! I guess my main reason that it stinks so bad is I can't tutor one of my little friends. I was not in it for the extra cash. I was doing it because they are an amazing family and he is just the coolest little guy ever! Plus I felt like I was making a difference and helping. I still get to see one family and they are AWESOME as well! I honestly don't know how the mom does it! Having three kids, quarantining, running a preschool in her house. Her little girl is the funniest little thing. When we did our pod we would say our feelings. Every kid in the pod knew her answer. I'm hungry, I miss my mom and I want to go home! I hope that everyone who is going back to school stays healthy. Like I said before I hope they get the vaccinations rolling out ASAP! But for those going back I put together a "How to Build a Snowman" first, next, then, last. In this file I also included a sheet where you can read a snowman book or winter book and have your students do a retell. Also I included pages for lower grades. They have less writing space and more drawing to do a retell. Here's to 2021! Click on any picture to be taken to the link!

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