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Well I'm trying this blog thing again! Hopefully I will get more followers than just my husband. He is just a petty follow. He knows what goes on in my day to day life! I taught kindergarten for 12 years. I had to leave because I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer. I tried working and doing chemo, surgeries and radiation but I was basically failing at everything. So I left my job. It hit hard the first school year I didn't go back. ALL teachers are programed to start hoarding school supplies on July 5! Summer is over and it's time to start fresh! As most teachers know some kids walk into our classrooms and will just have the old backpack on their back. We don't ask questions, we just give them a bag with crayons, markers, pencils, etc. and keep rolling on down the road. So when July 5th hit and I didn't have to stock pile supplies or think about setting up my room it hit me hard. I'm pretty sure the first day of school I stayed in bed and moped around the house.

I did however have my youngest nephew to mess around with on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The other days he was in preschool. I have a HUGE love for my nephews because I never had kids. I kind of wanted it that way. I wanted to be a "Bubby" (my auntie nickname) not a Mommy. I wanted to get the annoying toys, take them to fun places, give them candy and then wipe my hands clean and return them!

Then the Everlasting Spring Break came, or I guess COVID hit. He wasn't in school anymore and I would take things to my mom's house but he wouldn't work with her. So he started coming to my house and my house became "Bubby School." I would come up with lessons and things for him to do. He would come in, get a Capri Sun and go straight to his "desk" a TV tray where I made him a name tag. We would work on sight words, beginning sounds, reading, numbers, ten frames etc. Then I would get sucked into either taking him across the street to the park OR he would want to watch TV on my TV.

But school started this year, as much as I didn't want it to. I wanted "Bubby School" to last forever. He does come over on Fridays still, maybe just for the Capri Sun and park time but I love it!

After working with him and making things for him I found my creative side again. I always liked to make things when I was teaching. When I was teaching you had three choices for supplies and handouts. They were Teachers Tools, Lakeshore, or Mailbox. But now there is teacherpayteacher. My blog is not to make me rich! I didn't even make $5.00 in December. My blog is to pass on my "pearls of wisdom" that I learned while teaching and after. I will also provide my teacherpayteacher resources. I KNOW how MUCH teachers like freebies, so I will have LOTS of freebies and maybe if you like my "wares" you will buy something. :)

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