It is super frosty down here in Texas! We are 100% not equipped for this. Power outages, shutting off water, boiling water, lack of groceries, no restaurants open and yes, of course the roads. I know we made national news last Thursday with a 100 plus wreck! But hey we got you when its 110 degrees in the summer! I have a brief freebie for the frosty cold days. It is a Nonsense Word Freebie. Students can take it home as homework or you can work with them at teacher table or one on one. Each month they get a new Nonsense Word paper. Give them a minute and they either read the words or say the sounds. Note where they stopped. I made a grid that is Monday through Friday so students can keep track of their reading. After they read, count how many words or letters they got and record it. Then have them set a REALISTIC goal for the next time they read. Each time record their time and have them set a goal and see if they can beat it. Also whenever you end they can put their best time, what word was easiest to read and what words were hardest. I have done January through March and will continue to updated them as the year go on. It's my snow day treat. It will be free full a couple of days! Just click on a picture! Enjoy!

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