Who does not love a freebie!! I know as a teacher they were golden nuggets! Here is a preview of my reading Valentine's packet. Match the word to the picture and then write the word on the recording sheet. I hope you will take a look at the WHOLE packet. Working on the math but maybe that will be a next years packet! I hope you all are doing well. I know the COVID cases are on the rise. I hope you teachers out there stay safe. Teachers are so many things. Right now I think you are more of an emotional support and form of stability for your kiddos. Some kids probably don't know any better, while others are having their world rocked. Enjoy the little things, smile, have fun, play a game, dare I say even a noneducational game??? My thoughts are with all of you and your students.

Here is the sample for my reading unit. I will also put a link if I sparked your fancy and you want the whole thing!

Entire packet

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