Early 2021 Present

I hope 2021 is going to be better than 2020. But the way things sound with the SUPER Corona I'm not so sure about it! I hope that maybe a freebie will add some excitement. I hope that all the people I know that are teachers, administrators, secretaries, paras etc. stay safe! I also hope all the little kids out there stay healthy and safe as well. My heart breaks for everyone in this situation. As ALL adults know this is NOT school how we knew it. You're pencil broke, your friendly neighbor would let you borrow one of theirs. I know my favorite part of the school day was calendar time and watching my teacher magically slip the numbers onto the calendar and change the days of the week. My class and I sat on the carpet in one big huddle. I don't think there is a thing as carpet time anymore. I'm pretty sure the high school choir did not come visit the school where I worked at. Every year, usually the day before Christmas break, we would ALL gather in the gym and the High School Show Choir would sing Christmas songs to us. So for those going back to what we are calling the "New Normal" with everyone wearing masks, face shields on everyone's desk and keeping 6 feet apart at all times. I'm putting this freebie out into the universe in hopes that someone will find it and be able to use it! You can click on the link or ANY of the images to snag it!

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