Cotton Candy

If you have a theme you have to go ALL THE WAY! Thus the cotton candy! Plus I couldn't resist the retro Valentine's Day dress! I know Valentine's Day is coming up but there is something before that! Groundhog Day! Will he see his shadow or not! More winter or spring? Let's see what Punxsutawney Phil will say this year... SO I have the perfect thing for all you Groundhog Day people! A book that is in color and black and white for students. You can just get the books or you can get the whole unit, where your students can graph what they think the groundhog will do and there is a paper for reinforcement. Click on the pictures to go to my TPT store! I am also going to give you a sneak peek into my Valentines Day packet I'm working on! Stay healthy! Oh and speaking of healthy, I got my first vaccine Saturday! I know some people out there are not going to get it. Totally get it! But my oncologist and general practitioner all said to do it. So gotta go with what they say!

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