2 FREE things!

I said I liked giving out freebies! So the first one I did for a little girl I tutor. She is always asking what's next, how much longer, etc. So I made this chart for her. I tutor so I did it in random order so she could pick what she wanted to do first. I also built in 2 minute breaks because come on, you just got home from school and hey, hey! more school! She's a great kiddo but school work is NOT her favorite thing! So I created the if/then chat. If she works with me without doing anything listed she gets to pick a then. I do give her chances. Probably an important thing! She wanted to do her then from last time she said "I don't need a break! I'm going to work hard so I can do my hat!" We made Yoda hats and wrote a Yoda quote on them! Here are the first/then and what do we do next. I am not putting them as a pdf because you will need to change them to meet your students needs. Just click any of the pictures and it will take you to my store. And remember, they are not saved in pdf so mine will look different than yours.

My second freebie is for first grade teachers whose students rock at math and second grade students. They are 3 solving 3 digit math equations and have to try to figure out the secret valentines message... Shhhh "Valentines Wishes". Just click on any pictures and it will take you to the worksheet.

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